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Fall '08 [01 May 2008|05:12pm]

pretty lame huh?
check out that 3 hour break on tues/thurs.
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Air Show. [10 Apr 2008|11:07pm]
My dad is somewhere in the middle of the ocean. which ocean? i dont know.
he sent this picture through e-mail and claims thats him hanging from the helicopter.
i miss him so much.

...Collapse )
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[08 Apr 2008|09:17pm]
i think im done trying to build a deeper connection with the people in my family.

it gets me fucking NOWHERE.
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[20 Mar 2008|10:01am]
Man. I'm so fucking sore right now, and everything just gets worse when I have to walk uphill and downhill every hour or so for class. My legs and thighs cannot function properly and I look like I'm a retard walking around campus. Hah.

On to other things. I hate the fact that people are so fake nowadays. I don't even know if its just recently but lately I've been able to find more things out about people than any other time in my life. Its pretty lame and I need to meet and befriend some real fucking people.

Anyway, this weekend should be fun. I need it.
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[12 Mar 2008|01:21pm]
i really really want to go to this!

someone take me, puh puh puh pleeeease?
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[09 Feb 2008|06:11pm]
i realized i havent told you about spring semester that just started :]

so uh, im taking..
ethics, critical reasoning, anthropology, and political science.

all are pretty boring so far but i think all the interesting stuff will come later on.
actually, political science isnt as boring as i thought it was going to be. my professor shows a lot of videos that are pretty interesting but just ends up making me want to move to Europe more than i already do. plus, that class has a bunch load of cute boys that keep me from falling asleep.

anyway, i am taking this whole school thing more seriously than last semester. hopefully my GPA goes up by the summer. hah.

oh, and i need to take a communications class in the summer because i was dropped from it this semester. anyone wanna take it with me? :]

other than school, ive just been couped up at home doing nothing. people need to start calling me to hang out before i lose my mind. i wish i were as busy as they are. =/
operation find joanna a job has not been going too well. i cant wait any much longer for the little Rosecrans Center thing to open up because i need a job now. i was thinking of applying at the starbucks there. still dont know if i will but i might just end up doing it. im sure if i get hired there ill be annoyed by the parades of Glenn folk that come in and do dumb stuff, but whatevvs. moneys more important to me than that. :]

so yeah. schools pretty much my life, once again. i miss my friends. so call me bitches!
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[03 Feb 2008|07:27pm]
eeeks okay so the Superbowl was really good. i was going for the Giants mainly because i didnt want the Patriots to win another championship and looky looky, my team won. i was scared and nervous when it was 14-10, Patriots, but the Giants got right back in and won. woot.

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Moving Units [27 Jan 2008|02:15pm]
my brothers and i watched Moving Units last night in Pomona.
i love love love them and the way the played Anyone in the encore set made my night.
the crowd was fun too with the exception of the no rhythm boy in front of me dancing like a maniac.

sucky sidekick picture makes me wish i brought in my camera. dummy.
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[23 Jan 2008|10:49pm]
so uh, am i the only one who thinks Hugh Laurie is hot? mm mm.

it might be his wit or his asshole persona on House.
i seem to be attracted to that type.

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[19 Jan 2008|10:17pm]
lets see, so in the near future i want to:
- get into reading more
- get into finding a job
- get into politics more
- care less about stupid boys who dont know whats good for them (hah)
- do good in school
- decide what to major in
- get into volunteering
- walk my dog more
- fix all the bad stuff in my car
- save some money
- get into the habit of keeping my room clean
- stop being LAZY

only problem is, i do a lot of talking and not much walking. hm.
i think i can handle this.
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[16 Jan 2008|02:45pm]

uhhuh, coming out with a new album.
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[04 Jan 2008|04:30pm]
first off, this has been on repeat on my iTunes for a while. weird? i like it.

its the around the world/harder better faster stronger mix on Daft Punks Alive 2007 album.

okay, so i was sick all new years day but im almost completely healthy again. my mom wont let me out today though for some reason i cannot figure out. ive gotten my brother and dad sick and now my house is so dead. BORING. so im here making you listen to my music. how fun.
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[31 Dec 2007|12:10pm]
Happy New Years Eve! eeeks its almost 2008. this year was by far one of the best ive had. ive had my share of firsts, losses, and heartbreaks. ive fallen in and out of lust and ive learned from every mistake ive made. most importantly, ive seen and found out who my truest friends are and have grown so much closer to them. yay :]

well, i havent really cooked up a good resolution yet for next year, but i definately want to better myself in every way possible.

im starting the new year with newer, possibly even better people in my life right now than ive had before.
i want to get rid of all thats held me back in the past because its just time to move foward. this includes attitudes, opinions, even some people that i dont need in my life. i have some of the best friends i could ever ask for and a family that has always looked out for me regardless of the situation. i cant believe that ive let misconception and lust get the better of me but it wont happen again. now i know what to look out for when it comes to friends, trust, and love.
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[11 Dec 2007|06:13pm]
So I was bored at school so I decided to calculate my christmas spendings.. And I came out to about $500 on 4 people... hahah this sucks. And of course I need money to spend on myself so that's another, $200 or so? HAH.

And then.. I register for next semesters classes today n ima have to pay another like, $1200. Eeeks. Well my mom pays for that but still..

I need a mothafckng JOB.
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[02 Dec 2007|08:21pm]
once im done busting my ass the rest of this semester these are my plans for winter break :]

- watch fckng Wicked
- watch Moving Units
- watch movies movies movies
- maaaaybe find a job
- chill chill chill
- family time
- daddy time
- friends time
- sleepovers?
- visit justine up in SB
- maaaybe go to Mammoth if im not too pusseh
- clubba dub dub
- eeeeeLAyyyy
- shop shop shoooop
- and more chilling


- oh, and get ready for Spring Semester.. =/

i cannot waaaait.
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[18 Nov 2007|02:15am]
Patience is a mothafckng virtue.
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[14 Nov 2007|09:55pm]
uggggh man, my nose is stuffy, itchy as fck, and my head and body huurts.
ive been sick since the weekend and nothings really helping. oh man.

i have 2 papers due monday, a midterm monday, and another one tuesday.
thanksgiving break better be cracking. hah.

my dad gets to come home next week though on wednesday. suuuper excited for that. ive missed him so much.

so i have this academic advising thing on december 11th right. i guess i cant sign up for my next semester classes till i go to that appointment, but next semester registrations start december 9th or something. wth. this sucks. im gonna be left with all the hard classes or all the ones i dont even need.

anyway, i love that winter is coming up. yaaaay. i really wanna go to mammoth with all the cousins and such since i got a college break schedule. woot. two months off.

umm, what else. oh, the new Hives album is pretty good. mmhm. oh, oh, and i love how raisa makes me feel better by talking smack about girls who are involved with guys i like. haha.
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[05 Nov 2007|02:15pm]
What? im 18? yes yes i am! hah. well anyway i had a pretty good birthday. it was on saturday, the 3rd. Lets see, what did i do...

My mom threw me this little luncheon thing with the family and such. that was pretty fun but i dont really like being in the spotlight a lot so i got a little shy and such. hah i counted all the money i got.. $1280 was the total. deeeeym. i know, and it was from like, 50 people. oh, and i opened my wallet this morning and there was another $40 or something in there from someone i forgot who though. haha so i really got..$1320.. jeez what will i spend my money on? hah, well i put most of it in the bankies. i kept $100 i think. but youll probably end up seeing me at the local stater bros. so i can withdraw some mulah. haha. anyway.

so later that night my brothers, iris, mike, and i went to the Minus the Bear show in Hollyhood. ohhhhh man. i love them 10 times 10 times more than i already did. theyre so awesome live i cant even believe it. woot. then off we went to Fred 62s. yummy yummy but i couldnt decide between the tuna melt or the bossa nova. i ended up with the tuna melt.

sunday i went to justines debut practice. fun fun of course. then uhhh justine val johnny and i went to downtown disney and ate at uhhh tortilla jos? i think thats what its called. yummy yummy nachos and of course it was johnny n val who told us about how good the nachos are. hah. and they were sneaky as hell getting the mexican singers to come bring me ice cream and sing me happy birthday. niiice. oh and val justine and i took those weird pictures where they put your head on someone elses body...that pretty much made my night..

go to http://lafoto-grafia.livejournal.com/ for pictures :]

oh, and i got this email from my dad today and it made me miss him 100 times 100 times more than i already do.

" Dear Joan,

I am really sad that I cannot be with you on your Birthday. I have no excuse, but, I hope you understand my situation. You know without restriction I would never miss it for the world. I hope you had a great time with your Party and that everyone there gave you love on your day. I miss you and love you more than you will ever know. I wish you all the good things in life and I hope you get them all the time especially when you need them. But don’t be sad when there are times that you don’t get them because life is not perfect. It will never be. There are no words that I can describe how beautiful you are to me. I will always give you my best. I will make up for my shortcomings. And, I will always love you no matter where I am or what I am doing. Keep smiling and everyday will always have sunshine for you. I wish your wishes come true.

With All My Love,
Daddy "

I love him.
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[31 Oct 2007|11:51pm]
I really need to stop letting people buy me things and spend money on me.

I'm starting to get more and more bitchy when I don't get what I want or if things don't go the way I wanted.

I'm starting to not wanna do things for other people when they ask me anymore.

:[ what's wrong with me! I need to grow up and get a job. Ill be 18 soon. I'm chaaaanging.

What do I want for my birthday?? NOTHING!
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[29 Oct 2007|10:37pm]
-history midterm
-english paper
-psych midterm
-math midterm
-poster project

-lit paper
-psych paper
-english presentation
-english paper

my 18th birthday is this saturday! yay! im not even that excited, but i should be :]

my brother just brought home half of a tuna melt and like, 5 fries from Fred 62's.. yessss.
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